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I am excited to be leading this year's committee promoting Paediatrics and O&G! I am passionate about increasing the support we provide as a society, with the aim of live streaming as many of our talks on Facebook, creating a website as a platform for sharing all our resources, along with leading another successful conference later this year. I also looking forward to organising all our most popular events last year from our key revision lectures in Embryology, O&G OSCEs and other popular events such as Paediatric BLS and Elective Evening! I look forward to seeing you at our next event!


Vice President of Paediatrics

Hi, my name is Eleanor and I am the Vice President of Paediatrics for PONGsoc. This year I'm really looking forward to our conference. It has been a huge success for the last two years, and inspires medical students from all over the country who want to pursue a career in paediatrics or obstetrics and gynaecology.


Vice President of Obstetrics & Gynaecology

After a successful year of events in 2019-2020, I'm excited for the 2020-2021 committee to continue the work and bring a whole host of new ideas. As VP, I'm particularly looking forward to bringing new O&G teaching opportunities and revision sessions whilst working closing with Birmingham's Women's Hospital. This year our charity is Ammalife, an organisation committed to improving the care of mothers in some of the poorest parts of the world and I am also looking forward to the exciting fundraising events we have lined up!



Hi everyone, I'm Nafeesa! I am so excited to spend my final year at Birmingham with a fantastic, friendly committee, who are ready to organise super useful events for you guys - from revision sessions, easy-going journal clubs (which look great on your CV) to the infamous conference. But that's not all - we hope to introducing a new surgical skills event day this year - so watch this space! Looking forward to meeting lots of you this year!



Hi everyone, I'm Abby, a final year student and PONGsoc's new treasurer. I've loved being on committee over the past two years helping organise PONGsoc's amazing events from conferences to guest speakers. I'm really looking forward to seeing PONGsoc grow over the coming year and making my final years on committee the best yet!


Conference Lead

Hi everyone! My name is Nawal and I am an incoming 5th year intercalating Medical student at the University of Birmingham, and conference lead for PONGsoc! I have had a love of O&G since coming to one of the reproductive medicine career talks in 3rd year, and have been involved with the specialty ever since. I also really like research and auditing in the area of fertility. I was planning on auditing the outcomes of foetal cystic lung lesions as part of my elective project at the Women's Hospital, but of course due to the situation that is on hold! If any of you have any ideas of what you'd like to see at our 2021 PONGsoc conference, want some advice about getting involved in research, or generally want yo have a chat O&g, then please don't hesitate to contact me!


Clinical Representive for Paediatrics

Hi, my name is Mirna, I'm a 4th year medical student and PONGsoc's Clinical Paediatrics Rep for this year. While most med students won't get an insight into paeds until fifth years, I'm super excited to put on some paeds themed events and get everyone in love with the specialty! This also includes some revision lectures for those more work included. Hope everyone is having a safe summer and see you all in the new year!


Clinical Representive for Obstetrics & Gynaecology

Hi! I'm Radeyah and going into fourth year. This year, I am clinical representative for O&G and am really forward to hosting the conference again this year (as long as it's still going ahead)! I'm also looking forward to working with our chosen charity, Ammalife, which is aimed at improving care for mothers worldwide!


Social Media & Publicity Representative

Hi I'm Ruby and I'm you social media and publicity rep (aka the girl behind the PONGsoc fb, insta and twitter handle for the year)! I look forward to getting stuck in and helping to organise all the fantastic events we have planned for you this year! I'm especially excited about the sub-specialty events, as I have a keen interest in fetal medicine. For this year, I am intercalating in the new women's health degree, so feel to ask me any questions about this or intercalation in general.


Pre-clinical Representative

Hi, I'm Grace, you pre-clinical representative! I am excited to hopefully arrange more events this coming year that are accessible and interesting to first and second years. I hope through these events people in these years will get a better insight into careers in paeds or obs and gynae!


General Committee Member

Hi everyone! I'm Simin, and I'm a final year. This year I'll be a general committee member on PONGsoc, and I'm really looking forward to working with the team to organise some amazing events


General Committee Member

Hey! I'm Ankita and going into 4th year, I am a general committee member and really excited to be helping out in all the upcoming PONGsoc events!


General Committee Member

Hi, my name's Anisah and I'm a 3rd year medic :) As a general committee member for my first year on PONGsoc committee, I'm excited to help with the upcoming events, especially the conference!